During the last two decades, we have witnessed the rise of disruptive forces pushing boundaries in the transport and ride-hailing sectors. Uber, Grab, Lyft, Didi and a host of others have helped to cross the digital divide by breaking previous limits and opening up new frontiers.

In this decade, forces…

From Henry Ford’s ground breaking Model T — to the emergence of four wheel drives during WWII — and now Elon Musk’s self-driving EV’s, automotive consumers have enjoyed over 100 years of continuous innovation.

While these innovations have been embraced by consumers since the last century, we are at the…

Destination Branding: Why the ‘Incredible India’ Campaign Failed

The perceived need to create a strong personality and global brand for India led to the development of a branding campaign known as ‘Incredible India’.

In crafting the key elements of the campaign, promoters of the effort realised that it was difficult…

Fiat’s Attempt to Re-Enter the North American Market

Fiat, a leading Italian automobile manufacturer, has established a solid reputation in Europe for aesthetic and stylish vehicles. Fiat’s car models are typically small, but designed to look sturdy, visually pleasing, and full of flair.

However, in spite of its impressive performance…

Turning Things Around: How McDonald’s is Addressing Its Sales and Revenue Decline in Japan

Global Brand, Local Flavor

MacDonald’s has operated in Japan for over three decades, and with approximately 4,000 locations in the country, there is no doubt that the global fast food giant has a strong presence in…

Pathways to Strategic Success based on Lessons from Ancient African Philosophy and Modern Case Studies (Part 1)

Laying Your Foundation in Strategy

1. Orunmila, the father of African wisdom and philosophy teaches that in order to survive — we must know the ways of the world, the nature of our…

Ola Onikoyi

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