Buoyed by the rise of the Middle Class during the last 25 years and the bandwagon effect created, consumer behaviour has reflected a strong shift towards conspicuous consumption. Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Rolex, Jimi Choo, Channel and a host of luxury and semi-luxury brands have capitalised on this trend by profiting from consumer ego and helped to inflate it. Possession of these brands and similar ones have exemplified what it means to belong to an exclusive social circle. They represent the status symbol that consumers require to send signals and impress their friends. …

From Henry Ford’s ground breaking Model T, to the emergence of four wheel drives during WWII — and now Elon Musk’s self-driving EV’s, automotive consumers have enjoyed over 100 years of continuous innovation.

While these innovations have been embraced by consumers since the last century, we are at the tipping point of an industrial transition that is about to change car ownership trends forever. The transition would be underpinned by forces like digital disruption and consumer behaviour — driven by demographic shift.

Consider baby boomers who are currently the largest automotive consumers and their aging population which would be 65…

Destination Branding: Why the ‘Incredible India’ Campaign Failed

The perceived need to create a strong personality and global brand for India led to the development of a branding campaign known as ‘Incredible India’.

However, in crafting the key elements of the Incredible India campaign, the promoters of the effort realized that it was difficult to establish a clear, precise identity for a diversified country like India — unlike the relative ease of positioning and branding single-product destinations such as the Maldives and Mauritius. India is a land of contrasts, a combination of tradition and modernity — a land that is…

Second Time Around: Fiat’s Attempt to Re-Enter the North American Market

Fiat, a leading Italian automobile manufacturer, has established a solid reputation in Europe for aesthetic and stylish vehicles. Fiat’s car models are typically small, but designed to look sturdy, visually pleasing, and full of flair.

Photo: electrive.com

However, in spite of its impressive performance in the European car market, the company did not have a meaningful presence in North America for several years, as it had been absent from the US automobile market for more than two decades. Although Fiat’s small cars recorded considerable sales in the United States in the…

If I’d written this article 5 years ago, it would have been titled; How to Disrupt Venture Capitalism. I have avoided such title not because Venture Capitalism is not ripe for disruption, it is, for every reason. I have avoided the term disruption precisely to avoid the same thing that is wrong with venture capitalism today. Obsession with cliché’s, overindulgence and self-aggrandizement; but let me add a list to my view of why Venture Capitalism must reinvent itself or go down in history as a villain in the current capitalist’ experiment.

Judging from the industry’s current and historical mode of…

….”The internet has: …”altered the economics of media in two important ways”…”it enables nearly limitless distribution of content for little or no cost”… ; and…’it has potentially put everyone on the planet into the media business, including the sources, businesses, governments and communities’….

The improving ease of access to the internet has made logging on and retrieving news quicker and easier in all types of situations, mobile as well as static. This is having a devastating effect on the traditional (print) newspaper industry. …

Turning Things Around: How McDonald’s is Addressing Its Sales and Revenue Decline in Japan

Global Brand, Local Flavor

MacDonald’s has operated in Japan for over three decades, and with approximately 4,000 locations in the country, there is no doubt that the global fast food giant has a strong presence in the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, the importance of the Japanese market for McDonald’s is evident in its position as the largest foreign market for the company, with about 13 percent of McDonald’s worldwide outlets located in Japan.

McDonald’s has become so entrenched in everyday life in Japan…

Every morning when you wake up and begin your day, part of your routine will be to choose what to wear. If you work in an environment with a strict dress code or uniform, such as a hospital, then the decision will be made for you and how you are dressed will likely affect the way that others relate to you, e.g. a nurse dressed in a white coat will give patients reassurance. However, in professions where we have more flexibility with our work clothes and in our downtime where we have free rein to choose our fashions, the clothes…

Gbona: By BurnabBoy

Gbona: By Burna Boy

Oppan Gangnam Style” by: Psy

Oppa Gangnam Style: Psy

The above lyrics — are verses of music from around the World — composed by artists whose songs are often rendered in colloquial English, and sometimes in dialects that an ordinary English listener will not easily understand. These songs and the collective genre that they embody have become the new symbols of contemporary music; hybridized, colloquial and different.

The Nigerian music artist, Burna boy appeals to tens of millions of listeners in Africa and around the World. His recent album, ‘African Giant’ was nominated…

African fashion weeks are a flurry of colour, beauty, dazzling designs and beautiful runway shows dominated by statuesque models. But are they adding any real value to the industry? And could the fashion industry on the continent be more innovative and bring Africa’s fashion into the spotlight in more creative ways?

Models during a previous Lagos Fashion Week show. By The New Times

European dominance

If there’s one fact about the global fashion industry, it’s that European and North American designers are dominant. This is reflected in the world’s biggest fashion weeks that take place in London, New York and Paris to widespread critical and public excitement and acclaim and huge press…

Ola Onikoyi

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